God does not play dice – chromosome, nucleotide and bits.

First of all this is not a technical post neither a computer science post. Also, this is not a religious topic. We will talk about¬†chromosomes, nucleotide how this can make me think there is a God or expanding to our cosmos a possible “Architect of Universe”. I am enjoying a short vacation, thus I reserve myself the right to think in something else besides code.

Sometime ago I was doing a training in Python to explore and analyse DNA sequences. A very basic introduction to chromosomes but something beyond that class really intrigued me.

Each single cell in human body has 23 chromosome and each chromosome has 5 BILLION nucleotide.

Each nucleotide is composed by a base, a phosphate and a deoxyribose (sugar).

The base can be formed by 4 different elements:





As you can see, the variance in a nucleotide is the base. So if the base has 4 different options and each chromosome is composed until 5 billion nucleotide then

5 billion nucleotide x 4 = 20 billion of possible "bits"

20 billion possible bits in a nucleotide!!!! Continue reading