Integrating Haskell with ATOM Editor on Ubuntu

I am a cryptocurrency investor, developer, miner and bitcoin professional certified by C4. Among several researches and enthusiasm on crypto world, there is a project that is my favorite. The name of this project is Cardano and brings a cryptocurrency called ADA. Cardano is a project involving several scientists, professors of renowned universities and system architects that created over 40 high quality white-papers describing the network synergy. Cardano and its products are being developed by a company called IOHK in collaboration with open source community and other third-party companies.  According the founder and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is classified as a cryptocurrency generation 3, based on PoS (Proof of Stake), smart-contracts with a decentralized network but much more scalable and sustainable when compared to old generations like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Most part of the code is based on Haskell which is a functional language that works in a very different way when we compare with sequential and imperative languages like C, C++, Java, etc.

The idea of this post is to create a guide how to integrate Haskell with Atom editor on Ubuntu OS and help you to learn Haskell fast with a good IDE. The Ubuntu distro used on this post was version 19  but you also can use the procedure explained on this post in older versions as well.

More information about Cardano (ADA) please visit:

Before we start!

The procedure here will be using Stack tool set for Haskell. I literally was not able to make that work with GHC compiler superior to 8.0.2 due to several dependence of ghc-mod which is used as intermediary between the back-end (Stack) and or front-end (Atom). 

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