Interview based on Leetcode questions… you are doing it wrong

I noticed a huge trend of interviewers, specially the young professionals using algorithms and problems discussed in Leetcode. There are people that studies months or even years all the exercises trying to pass in an interview most part of the time memorizing them.

Honestly, if you, the interviewer, you were hired because you took hours and hours resolving the problems from sites like Leetcode, congratulations!!! there is a huge chance you are another useless resource for your organization.

A lot of candidates they even know how to start a webserver, they do not know how a microcontroller works, how a RTOS works, or don’t know when to use a SQL or NoSQL database in a system. But do they know how to resolve an exercise where the little frog must to jump in N possible stones obeying a specific rules.

Let’s be honest.. if you are hiring someone to develop features in React… just ask the person questions that are relevant to the job, or even try to explore if this person has side project and what they are… That candidate that took months studying how the frog must to jump stones will not resolve your issues. Besides that, check the skillset and how you can use his/her skillsets in your product, check how the candidate work in a team, how he/she reacts for last minute changes, if it is able to understand how your system or product must work and the most important thing, if the developer has passion for his/her work. Does the algorithm you are asking to resolve will really tell us if the candidate is a good fit ?

There is NOTHING wrong with Leetcode. I am not against Leetcode because it is just a tool that helps us to exercise and understand different algorithms, and to chat ideas with the community and understand how to things can be resolved differently.

Please, go beyond Leetcode. Your employeer will be thankful in the future.


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