I love a Duck! Why DuckDuckGo search engine is better than Google ?

I am kind of person – or alien as they call me in USA even being from Brazil not Mars :), that usually try different ways to improve how I study or work. I am using a new search engine and I am really loving it! Click in DuckDuckGo.com and try yourself.

Why DuckDuckGo ?

The quality of results and how you can filter are much more better than google search engine. Google already recognized them as a real competitor and looks like Mr Larry Page not dared to say “really bad job” as he did with new facebook graphic search.

Done based in github, perl5 and other open softwares, I will tell you why this search really rocks!

What they do ?

  1. do not track you !! it means privacy! Your personal information is safe!
  2. do not use bubble-filter !! Oh yeah this really makes different because I can have different type of results not based what the system “think” compatible with my profile
  3. They have a feature called !bang. Bangs are very cool.. if you wanna have all searches in a specific site you only add “!” following the site.. for example if you type in the search box “stamps!ebay” the search goes directly to ebay showing the search you did!!! The same can be done with facebook, amazon, and multiples sites.. some sites you have option to use bang with few words, for example, you can use “asus!a” to search in amazon.
  4. When you make a search if have a list with results and in front of each link there is a icon related to the site you searched. If you click in the icon instead the link, the engine re-searches and give you more results related to that site!
  5. There is not “NEXT PAGE”.. Only scroll and the new searches will be automatically loaded

Adding a bang to your site

As you see, bangs are really cool!! better than this you can add your own bang to your site.. just click here and submit!

Including DuckDuckGo as extension of your Brower

If you add a cool extension for your browser, check it ou the DuckDuckGo’s About page. In the bottom of the page you will see a link saying “Add to Browser”.

Choose your browser and install the extension. In my case I use chrome so I saw a screen like this below:

and after install, you will see a little duck in your favorite browser.. only click in the duck and you have the search ready for you!

Future of Google Search Engine

Google search still has billions and billions of user as yahoo! had in the past. Well.. life changes and looks like a project created by a single guy is growing and growing fast. It nice to have new improvement how we use the internet everyday but I am not sure how to kill this duck at moment.. maybe google buying them ? In my opinion it would be the easiest solution for them but I am not sure if it would be a deal accepted by the duck. I would not!

27 thoughts on “I love a Duck! Why DuckDuckGo search engine is better than Google ?

  1. If -like me- you are too lazy to type such a long domain name as “duckduckgo.com”, you can use “ddg.gg”.

    For a complete list of the bang commands, query “!bang” in DuckDuckGo or go to “duckduckgo.com/bang.html”. Currently it supports 2793 sites search !! (did a wc on bang list;)

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